9+ Productivity Software Programs to Install on the Windows OS

Every computer user should be installed the productivity software and tools to make the task easier for various purposes.

9+ Productivity Software Programs for Windows-

1. Text Editor

Every Operating system must have a text editing software program on the operating system. It allows us to create, edit, and update text documents. Text documents are important to save information that you need to store. Although, the notepad is convenient to use there are limited functionalities with simple UI. There are not too many features. So, installing the alternative text edit tool in the Windows operating system is a beneficial one. Recommended to install the sublime text editor to perform on .txt documents.

2. Google Meet

In the pandemic situation, all of us living online either work or study. So, many of us have been using Google meet on mobile. But, it isn’t comfortable to use google meet on the android/iOS Opera system. So, using google meet on the windows operating is convenient to work and study. While using google meet on the mobile, cannot take notes because the mobile would be in our hands. So, install the google meet on the windows operating for windows users are advised to manage all your work along with the meeting.

3. Opera Browser

Though, if you are a google chrome or firefox user recommended using the opera browser at least once. The reason is that chrome & firefox browsers take much time to download the file from the web. So, the oper is faster than those browsers when coming to download. It also has a pause & continues option while the file is downloaded. Many browsers consume more data while browsing, also there is no feature like a data saver. But, the opera has the data saver option. By enabling the data saver unwanted trackers, popup ads, and more are blocked to reduce data consumption. The UI and UX of the Opera browser are nice.

4. Spotify

Music lovers should install this software program on the respective operating system. It is a media and entertainment software program. Spotify lets users listen to millions of songs. Spotify is for the free and premium versions.

The Premium version of Spotify users can have extra advantages over than free version. The features of the premium version of Spotify are downloading music – listening everywhere, ad-free music listening – enjoying nonstop music without advertisement audio, playing any song – even on mobile, unlimited skips – just hit next. The plans of Spotify are individual, duo, family, and student.

5. VPN Program

Sometimes need to browse with a VPN on the browser. So, installing the best VPN software helps to secure virtual browsing. Also, there are many VPN software is available on the internet. Listing out the best VPN software for the Windows operating system

1. Nord VPN

2. Express VPN

6. Adobe Photoshop Software

The adobe photoshop software is the most robust software that comes to image editing software. You can edit any images as you want. There are nearly 70+ editing tools are in photoshop tool. Not only that, 17+ presets are available, and can create a custom one.

6. Avast Antivirus

If your computer is affected with full of viruses, don’t worry avast antivirus virus will clean all those dangerous viruses. Computer viruses are dangerous when it js affected the computer. It will delete or corrupt all the files on the system. Also, there is a chance it can send our data to the server to monitor likely prying eyes.

Though, windows defender helps us to detect the virus and remove those immediately. It doesn’t detect and clean all the types of viruses. So, the Avast antivirus is a great antivirus software program for Windows operating system users.

7. CC Cleaner

Your computer contains unnecessary junk files or empty folders, or corrupted files. Those files may take up much memory space on the hard disk. So, using the cc cleaner software within a few minutes can clean all those files from the computer system. It optimizes and cleans up the entire system.

The overall features in the cc cleaner are,

  • New: Driver Updater
  • Fast Computer
  • Privacy Protection
  • PC Health Check
  • Software Updater
  • Cleans Everywhere
  • Guards Against Junk Files
  • Automatic Clean History
  • Faster, Longer-lasting Hard Drives
  • File Recovery
  • See Inside Your PC

8. Audacity

Wondering to know how to remove background noise from audio, audio recording software, audio editing, and audio processing all in single software audacity is the right software. Using the audacity can edit, and record sound on windows, mac, gnu/Linux. It is easy to sue on the Let the operating system.

9. Team Viewer

Team viewer is the top remote connection software to connect another pc remotely over the internet. Not only that, share the files from one system to another when both systems are connected remotely using the team viewer.

Using the chat option can community with the connected administrator. It is free to use, so doesn’t cost to download or use. Also, there is no connection delay while screening the system over the internet using the remote connection technology.

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