Sports World Reacts to Brutal TNF Colts Denver Broncos

Sports World Reacts to Brutal TNF Colts Denver Broncos: Who would have predicted that Thursday Night Football would have been ranked so low on the list of options available to NFL fans to watch on Thursday night?

The first half of the game between the Broncos and the Colts in Denver was relatively dull, and both teams played with a lot of sluggishness. Viewers who were looking for an intriguing game were disappointed.

So, how terrible was it, exactly? The Broncos took a lead of 6–3 into halftime after managing to score two field goals over the course of five possessions despite Wilson only gaining 69 yards passing the ball. Ryan, on the other hand,

was the victim of four sacks and finished with 140 yards while the Colts punted on their first four drives. The Colts’ last two drives resulted in an interception and a field goal by Chase McLaughlin from 52 yards out.

Brutal TNF Colts Denver Broncos

Because of the unfortunate timing of injuries to rising star Javonte Williams of the Broncos and standout running back Jonathan Taylor of the Colts, expectations going into TNF were a little bit more subdued than they otherwise would have been.

Taylor was declared out earlier in the week with an ankle injury, while Williams’ season was cut short in Week 4 after he suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament against the Raiders. Both injuries occurred during the game.

Despite this, there was still the possibility for a fantastic game to take place given the profiles of the two veteran quarterbacks who would be competing (Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan) as well as the large number of excellent receivers on both teams (Michael Pittman, Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy). However, it is very evident that this did not come to pass.

The violent first half prompted a number of responses on social media from viewers who were frustrated by the lack of activity during the second half. The legendary play-by-play announcer Al Michaels may have summed up the evening in one fell swoop when he said during the broadcast that the game is “the type of game you’d have as the fifth regional on CBS on Sunday.” This may have been the best way to summarise what happened throughout the evening. Ouch.

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