City Defence MOD apk (Casual Game)

City Defense is a free to play strategy game for Android. The game has an excellent graphics and sounds. You can enjoy the game without spending any money. It is one of the best games for Android. In the game, you play the role of a city defense expert. Your job is to protect your city from the invading forces. You must use your strategic skills to build up your city and defend it from the enemy.

City Defence MOD APK is a great action game for Android device which you can play in your leisure time. It is a strategic battle simulation game. In this game, you can upgrade your army by buying new weapons. You can also capture enemy territories and gain victory points.

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Highlighted Features:

Last Updated09-Dec-2022
Requires Android5.1 and up
Download size131 Mb
Offered byHoma
Released on18-Mar-2022
RequiresAndroid 5.1 and up

✔ Realistic combat simulation

✔ Intuitive interface

✔ Exciting battles

✔ Easy to learn and difficult to master

✔ High-quality graphics

✔ HD and high-resolution graphics

✔ Unique control system

✔ Excellent gameplay

✔ Addictive gameplay

✔ Casual and free to play

What’s New

City Defence MOD APK is a simple city defense strategy game. You can also play this game using touch screen.

The game has simple controls. You can tap the area to attack enemies. You can swipe the direction to move your troops and tap the unit to perform actions.


Here we are presenting the Modded City Defence MOD APK. This mod is very popular on Android smartphones and tablets. If you are downloading this app and looking for a good game experience then it will offer all the features of this game. If you are playing this game you will get an opportunity to play the best game. This game will provide you a very exciting gaming experience.

FAqs | City Defence Review

1. What is this game about?

This game is about defending your city from an alien invasion. You can play the game in single player mode, or you can play with a friend in multiplayer mode.

2. What is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is to survive as long as possible.

3. What are the weapons in the game?

There are two types of weapons in the game: guns and grenades. You can use the guns to shoot aliens. You can use the grenades to blow up the aliens.

4. How many levels are there?

There are five levels in the game.

5. Is the game free?

Yes, the game is free to download and play.

6. Can I get paid for playing this game?

No, you cannot get paid for playing this game.

7. How do I play this game?

To play the game, you will have to first download the game on your phone. Then, you will be able to play the game by tapping the screen.

8. How do I unlock new weapons and items?

In order to unlock new weapons and items, you will have to play the game.

9. What are the best weapons in the game?

The best weapon in the game is the rocket launcher. It is the most powerful weapon in the game.

10. What are the best items in the game?

The best item in the game is the shield. The shield can help protect you from alien attacks.

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