7+ Apps Every Android User Must Be Installed

Every android user must be installed all the productivity applications on their mobile phone. Each app is used for various purposes that you can’t ignore anytime. So, installing these apps on your android mobile phone will be helpful always.

Apps Every Android User Must Use

1. Google Keeps

Like notepad for windows, text editor for Ubuntu, android doesn’t have the text editor app by default. There are many notepad apps available on the Google Play Store, nothing has more features than google Keeps. Google Keeps is the notepad application to keep saving all of your texts. But can’t save all the notes in a .txt file format. Easily, can include images ( Take Photo, Add Image, Drawing, Recording, Tic Boxes ). Not only that, google Keeps lets users change the background images, and color as well.

2. Doc Scanner

Sometimes could be in the situation to upload documents online for a specific purpose in PDF or any other format. But, we may have the image file format, so need to convert those images files to PDF format. Soz the doc scanner allows us to make PDF files of a sequence of images with multiple options.

It is the most popular mobile scanner or PDF creator app ever. Doc scanner has more than 50 tools to edit and manage documents. It will be helpful when you need to scan multiple images in a short period and save them as PDF files. It supports all the PDF document file sizes A1-A6.

Not only scanning and creating document files can create QR/Bar codes in this app.

3. Night Light App

Yes, most android smartphones don’t have the night light feature. So, it is a useful feature to protect the eyes from the smartphone. The only way to enable this feature on every smartphone is using the night light android application. You can see the app name is a blue light filter – night mode on the Google play store. It easily reduces the Blue light that smartphone display emits.

4. Workout Apps

Daily workout is a good habit to be fit and healthy. So, you don’t need to go gym for a smaller workout. Install any workout app, and follow all the exercises are listed in the app. Also, you can follow all the exercises as if at home. Many of the workout apps help to fit abs, chest, legs, butt, and arms.

There is also animation, and video guidelines to make easier the exercise.

5. All Document Viewer

Android doesn’t give the feature to view all the document files. Like, if the document is text or HTML, can easily open that with help of any other supported app chrome, or android document viewer. But can’t open or view the XL Sheets, PDF files, XML, or any other files. So, installing the all document viewer helps to view all the document files in a single app. It supports all the major file formats Doc & Docx, pdf, ppt, Xls, txt, ODT, RTF, HTML & other document files.

6. Google Drive

A good drive is the online file dropping or uploading application. You can upload any files on google drive to store them. Not only store all your files but also can share all the files with anyone by creating a public sharing link. But, there is limited storage 15 GB size for each Google drive user for free. If you want to use more space on google drive than 15 GB, need to upgrade to the google drive premium version. Without a doubt, google drive is the best cloud storage. There are already 1 billion users has been using this application.

7. Google Maps

The ultimate android app ever is the google app, now without google map could teleport one location to a new location that we visited not more than before. Google maps give the proper way to reach our destination. Not only finding the location, but it also helps to reach out the business to the audience, encourage the audience to visit our website, and gain new customers.

8. Telegram

Telegram is the chatting system application, without a doubt telegram dominates all features of WhatsApp. You can communicate with anyone as secure. There are already thousands of groups available to join and communicate. The channels feature is the best one that makes telegram great than other chatting apps.

9. Social Media App

Yes, now no one without using social media applications either Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, clubhouse, or any other. Not only for entertainment purposes, but it also helps to know day to life activities on the daily basis.

10. Online Payment App

Now all payments are successful using the online payment apps. Using the online payment app can send money to anyone, pay bills, recharge to Sim Card, recharge to DTH, deposit online, buy, sell, shop using this application. There are many online payment apps like gpay, phonephe, Paytm, Razorpay, PayPal, and more. Install the right one that fast in your country and that you are trusting on the app.


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